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OfficeTime by Onii is a groundbreaking solution meticulously crafted to enhance convenience and simplicity for your valued employees. Introducing compact unmanned stores or refrigerators, accessible 24/7. Experience the Onii difference – shop swiftly and securely, exactly the way you prefer

[Onii Station]

The ONII STATION model is versatile, easily adaptable to fit the available space of small offices . From compact units up to two modules offering expanded capacity and additional equipment, there’s a solution to suit every need.

The ONII STATION’s appearance is tailored to match the company’s/L
location branding guidelines and/or design

[Onii Box]

The ONII BOX model, designed for larger offices and high-traffic foyers, features an automated lock for enhanced security and can be customized to fit the available space. From compact versions with two modules to larger configurations boasting additional equipment, there’s a solution to suit every need.

The ONII BOX appearance is tailored to match the company’s/L
location branding guidelines and/or design

[Onii Market]

The ONII MARKET model, crafted for versatile deployment both indoors and outdoors, boasts an automated door lock for heightened security and privacy. With the capability to accommodate up to 900 different products in various quantities, it is ideally suited for large buildings and communities, serving as a convenient store or mini mart. Its flexible design allows for numerous configurations, achieved by mixing and matching different equipment and furniture options.

The ONII MARKET appearance is tailored to match the Location branding guidelines and/or design

Why Choose an ONII Automated Point of Sale System for Your Business?


Experience ultimate convenience! Your staff and visitors can now enjoy a wide range of snacks, drinks, meals, coffee, accessories, and more—all available for purchase right from their phones, without ever having to leave the building

Satisfaction and Diversity

Our wide range of products ensures staff and visitors satisfaction, guaranteeing that everyone discovers something to please their taste buds. Providing variety not only enhances the experience but also fosters a more inclusive environment.


Get the ultimate software solution for unparalleled autonomy and peace of mind. Our platforms empower you to seamlessly manage and monitor all activities in your stores in real-time.

Enhance comfort, optimize productivity, and foster a more efficient work environment.

For Human Resources Managers:

As the Human Resources Manager of our company, I’m committed to enhancing employee satisfaction and convenience. That’s why I’m excited to explore innovative solutions like installing a vending machine with Onii. Together, we’ll elevate the employee experience to new heights.


As a Facilities Manager, my priority is to enhance the resident experience in our building. That’s why I’m enthusiastic about implementing Honest Market, and Onii is the ideal partner to help me realize this vision.

About Onii: Leader in autonomous machines in several countries.

Onii is the Omnichannel revolution – it delivers solutions that connect all sales channels, 100% online. Onii facilitates sales in the consumer market in an innovative and autonomous way and also bring a great source of profit to merchants.

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Welcome to the age of autonomous stores, powered by cutting-edge technology that sets the standard in the market, trusted by industry leaders and embraced by competing brands.

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